When we think of Ireland we think of beautiful landscapes, mountains, and a county side that is as green as green can be. Irish folk music, welcoming pubs, and quaint little villages that you just want to stay in forever. Some of the best places to visit in Ireland can be seen around the country side of small towns and villages.

There is plenty of history here in Ireland to learn about. The cultural and political influences in Ireland for one but generally the story is of Ireland being split into tow parts and how they are slowly coming back together.

If it’s shopping you are looking for when traveling to Ireland, Dublin would be a great place to start. The shops in Dublin vary from multi-chain shops that all around the entire world or the local mom and pop shops that have their own style. Henry St. and Grafton St. are the two main streets for shopping in Dublin.

So much to do and many shops to wander in. On Grafton St. you will find buskers and street entertainers, the atmosphere is simply marvelous. There are some pleasant cafes and old-fashioned pubs so you can stop in for a quick drink or just have a seat and enjoy the day watching the people pass by.

Ireland offers plenty of history everywhere you go. Whether it be Dublin, Howth, or Belfast. Spectacular castles and towers with over 800 years of history are all over the place.

The people of Ireland are great. There are famous people as well as settlers that date by in the centuries. The earliest ancestors recorded in Ireland are said to descended form different types of groups like the Nemedians, Fomorians, Fir Bolgs, Tuatha De Danann and the Milesians. The Scottish and the Vikings are the main groups that interact with the Irish in the Middle Ages.

While Ireland is just filled with history, beautiful country sides, ocean views, and great food, it is also filled with traditions. Perhaps the best known tradition is St. Patrick’s Day. Most of the people in Ireland attend the church on St. Patrick’s Day and are Christened as Roman Catholic. They also wear a shamrock on their breast as part of the tradition. Another famous tradition is their funeral. In Ireland, it’s a tradition to have a wake at your house for up to two days before the person is buried. The purpose of this is to meet with the families and pray for the persons soul who just left this place on earth. Kind of like a family reunion here in America.

Ireland has an abundance of history, storytellers, religious fervor, musicians and much more. Irish people tell stories, people cry, laugh, and share in the conversation. And the Irish drink. Guinness beer and Irish Whiskey are among the local favorites.

No matter what you decide to do, it will be a memorable experience that will last a lifetime. Ireland is a must see place to visit year round.

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